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viernes, 14 de agosto de 2009

Mi casa vista desde el cerro por el nor-poniente, hoy que anuncia lluvia (por favor!!)

A north-west view of my house, seen from the hill today that is expected rain (please!!).

Aquí se ve la terraza de mi baño, y arriba mi dormitorio. From here you see my bathroom terrace, and my bedroom in the second floor.

Por este puente entro a mi dormitorio desde el cerro. En primer plano un damasco en invierno. By this bridge I enter to my bedroom from the hill. In first plane you see an apricot tree in winter time.

3 comentarios:

the gardeners cottage dijo...

So very beautiful. I must come to visit! It is so exciting learning how to use this blog isn't it. I now feel like I have a new friend in Chile!


for the love of a house dijo...

Maria, You are right, I 'do' love your home! Like Janet, I too think it is wonderful to see how new friends in other parts of the world live! I love knowing that people around the world love their homes!
So lovely to meet you! Welcome to bloggy land! I'll be back to visit!

Mary dijo...

Thank you for stopping by the church - it's always fun to meet someone who loves their house and garden as much as I do ...I look forward to reading more about you home