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martes, 25 de agosto de 2009

La primavera está llegando... Springtime is arriving.

Brote de hortensia. Hydrangea sprout.

Flor de almendro... Almond tree flower.

Almendros. Almond trees.

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Mandarine D'Italie dijo...

I am amazed!! I have just managed to check your blog and I am so glad you have left some lovely comments on my blog. Thank you, it's lovely to meet you... somehow a new amazing world has opened up in front of me!I have added your blog on my blogroll straight away, and thanks again for those nice comments of yours! Encantada, love from London, Caterinax

Celeste Maia dijo...

La primavera esta llegandi a tu tierra, y aqui esta llegando el otono del patriarca...
Preciosas, las fotos.

Yvonne dijo...

Wonderful to see spring arriving in your garden. Here we are suffering in the heat and the plants are looking tired and dry - the opposite of the new green emerging in yours. And the almond blossom - also the first tree to flower in spring for us.
You asked about my pond and mosquitoes - no we do not get them because lots of other insects like dragon flies (Libellula) eat them. Isn't nature marvelous!

French-Kissed dijo...

I have been enjoying all of your posts on your garden. I don't think I have ever seen an almond blossom before. Now that I have discovered your blog I will be enjoying Spring ~ and every season ~ twice each year instead of just once!


salty pebble dijo...

beautiful piccys and a wonderful blog x