Casa Dulce Hogar.... Bienvenidos

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miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2009

Puerta de entrada principal.... Main entry door.

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the gardeners cottage dijo...

Hi Maria Cecilia,

I love your doors. They look huge! And the doorknobs are gorgeous. Now that's an entryway.


Debbies-English-Treasures dijo...

Wow! You have a wonderful home! L.O.V.E every room, kitchen, bathroom, lounge, bedroom and of course the garden...


Celeste Maia dijo...

Ola Maria Cecilia, que puerta mas bonita que nos invita a entrar en tu casa dulce hogar. Tan bonito!
Yo acabo de llegar a Madrid, la casa cerrada hace 2 meses, te imaginas cuanto voy a tener que limpiar ahora? Ai, el volver a la realidad y al trabajo! Estoy con ganas de volver a mi trabajo. Carinos de Madrid, Celeste

Cindy dijo...

Those doors are so beautiful! So GRAND!!

koralee dijo...

Just found your lovely blog and I have fallen in love with your images of your pretty...what a lovely home you to visit some of your past posts and get to know you better!

Mary dijo...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I love your entry home looks just lovely, and the pictures on the side tell me this is a place I would love to visit!

Have a wonderful day!


June dijo...

Hello Maria Cecilia,
What a joy to see that you came by my blog. I've never met anyone from Chile. I'm so excited to meet you. Your blog is just stunning. I'm so glad that you enjoyed mine.

French-Kissed dijo...

Your entry door is just beautiful. I love the way the light streams in. I have solid entry doors and would love to change them to glass to let in the light and the view.


Rebecca @ Belle Blog dijo...

Your home is so beautiful. I love your photographs. Everything is so pretty.

My spanish is not very good but I will try.

Su casa es muy bonita. Me gusta mucho. Todos bonitas. Mi Espanol es mal. Lo ciento.

I am following your beautiful blog and will visit you often. Many years ago one of my customers lived in Chile and she would often send me pictures. I love it and think what a pretty country.

♥ Rebecca

icandy... dijo...


Vicki dijo...

Hello, Maria,
What a beautiful blog! I love your wonderful doors with the sweet vine wreath. Thanks for letting me visit. Vicki

Mapiurka dijo...

Muchas gracias por visitar mi blogs y dejar tu comentario. Si te parece bién podríamos intercambiar links.
Por cierto, hermosa tu casa.
Saludos, Maricel

nadia dijo...

those doors are gorgeous and the light!

Lee dijo...


Maria Cecilia,
That is so wonderful. Do you pinch yourself every day to see if you are dreaming...I cannot believe my looks like something in a book.

doris nieto dijo...

Gracias María Cecilia por abrirnos tu casa.
Que hermosas fotografías tomás, me inspiran al verlas.
Feliz fin de semana.

Anónimo dijo...

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Flávio Texeira dijo...

Lindo lindo lindo!!!!

Adoro a sua casa!!!

É um poço sem fundo de coisas bonitas e de energias positivas!!

Um bjinho muito grande de Portugal

Flávio Teixeira