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jueves, 6 de agosto de 2009

El estar

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Lee dijo...

Maria Cecelia,
You have the most beautiful home I have ever, ever seen ... I am so speechless at your creativeness and the beauty of your home... I am also shocked that there are no comments on these post... You are like a secret locked up in a fountain of beauty. Give me some time to absorb this... I showed my husband and we got loud with our "oh my, look at this and that comments" I am so tired of the ordinary designers here... you have such individual style and beautiful ideas ... I love color. I am tired of the bland things I see on other blogs... I think I could maybe move in with you and my Husband wants to come too. ha ha, giggle giggle. We love your blog and we will tell others to come and look at your home.
Wow! You are amazing.
Remember me when you are famous.

Con encanto - Ana dijo...

Hoy me he recorrido todas tus entradas, a cierta velocidad. Algunas no las había visto. ¡Qué casa más bonita! Es un sueño. Fantástica. Me encanta todo, con sol, con lluvia, con nieve, ... me da igual. ¡Felicidades! Aún llena, como tu dices, de cachureos, está caballo, bakan, ... Una casa CON ENCANTO. Besos